The Beginning of the Next 100 Years

Dear friends,

In the echo of Winston Churchill's timeless wisdom, "You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give," we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the journey of A&M United Methodist Church.

For a century, this congregation has been a beacon of faith, shaped by the hands and hearts of those who believed that living the story of Jesus wasn't just a tale to tell but a narrative woven into the fabric of their lives. Professors, students, young couples, teachers, engineers, and many more contributed to the creation of a space where we worship, raise our children, and believe together.

Now, as we stand at the threshold of our next chapter, the call to give resonates more than ever. Our capital campaign is not just about funding; it's a celebration of the living story of Jesus that has thrived within these walls.

Picture our church's stained glass windows, each pane a testament to baptisms, marriages, reaffirmations of faith, and confirmations. While the Rose Window remains steadfast, an opportunity arises to complement its magnificence by transforming our side windows into vibrant expressions of the Holy Spirit's ongoing work.

The organ, a source of heavenly music for our souls, has played a pivotal role in our worship. Six years ago, we began a transformative journey, expanding and beautifying it. Now, in our Centennial year, we have the chance to complete the dream, ensuring the melodies of our voices continue to elevate our worship for years to come.

The Christian Life Center (CLC), a space that has touched countless lives over two decades, is in need of rejuvenation. Imagine renovating floors, walls, bathrooms, and creating a second fellowship hall to accommodate our ever-growing ministries. This isn't just about a building; it's about breathing new life into the very space where we witness the consistent goodness of God.

As we embark on this campaign, let's remember that building the life for which we'll be remembered won't happen by what we've received but by what we choose to give. Our blessings from God have a purpose – to be cheerfully generous. Together, let's be part of a campaign that shapes the next hundred years of blessings for all those who will come to know Jesus.

Join us in this exciting journey of faith and generosity.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Preston Greenwaldt

Christian Life Center Renovations


Peragallo Pipe Organ Expansion


Stained Glass Windows