Lenten Weekday Bible Study

February 20 - March 28  |  Fellowship Hall

A&M United Methodist Church, University Drive, College Station, TX, USA

Join our Lenten Bible study as we journey together through the profound Stations of the Cross. This study is specifically designed to deepen your spiritual experience during the Lenten season, providing a reflective exploration of the pivotal moments in Jesus Christ’s journey to Calvary. Each station becomes a sacred pause for contemplation, prayer, and meditation, allowing participants to connect intimately with the profound sacrifice and love demonstrated by Christ. Through guided discussions, reflective exercises, and moments of prayerful silence, this Lenten study invites you to traverse the fourteen stations with a renewed sense of devotion and purpose. Rooted in historical and biblical context, the study emphasizes the relevance of the Stations of the Cross to your personal faith journey. Join us on this transformative Lenten exploration, where the Stations of the Cross come alive, offering a profound opportunity for spiritual growth and connection with the heart of Christian teachings. Led by Shelby Olive.

Please choose either the Tuesday 6 pm session or the Thursday 12 pm session by registering below.