Good Neighbor Night

Join us for Good Neighbor Night, a special evening dedicated to serving and supporting our local community. This event is a wonderful opportunity to unite with your neighbors and make a positive impact.

During Good Neighbor Night, we will participate in various community service projects, such as cleaning up parks, planting trees, and helping out at local shelters. These projects are not only beneficial to the community but also offer a chance for us to work together and strengthen our bonds as neighbors.

In addition to the service projects, we will also have representatives from some of the local organizations that we support annually. They will share their stories and provide information on how we can continue supporting their important community work.

Good Neighbor Night is a family-friendly event, so bring your children along and instill in them the value of giving back to the community. We encourage everyone to join us for this meaningful evening of service and support.

Let’s come together as good neighbors and make a positive impact on our community. See you at Good Neighbor Night!

Regular Wednesday Night Dinner will happen during this event in the Great Hall.